Bent Glass

Bent Glass

Curved Glass, Architectural Glass, Laminated Glass

Standard Bent Glass has been the primary source for custom curved glass since 1914. With decades of experience, the company has developed a variety of unique mold processes to provide enhanced glass surface quality, stricter tolerances, and larger more complex shapes.

SBG has a long tradition as high quality glass artisans/craftsmen. In addition, the glass company has continued to be innovative, by keeping pace with, and investing in, the latest and most advanced equipment and glass manufacturing technologies.

Combining craftsmanship with advanced glass fabrication technology has established SBG as the premier source for custom curved glass worldwide. The only single source for bent annealed, bent insulated, bent laminated, bent tempered, bent tempered/ laminated, and complex compound bent glass. As a result, Standard Bent Glass can provide the right product for any curved glass design or application.

Curved glass, as a single element in architectural design, can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. By combining curved glass designs with custom colors, patterns, textures, and digital images, Standard Bent can help you re-shape the possibilities.